The Crazy Half-Dragon


Classes: Draconic Racial Class(4), Creature Researcher(3), Druid(3)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Io


AC:21 (+4Dex, +8 natural, +2 Leather Armor)

Str:20 (+5) Dex:18 (+4) Con:18 (+4) Int:19 (+4) Wis:17 (+3) Cha:17 (+3)

Base Attack Bonus: +7/+2

Grapple: +9


Fort:+12 Refl:+10 Will:+13

Attacks/Weapons: Unarmed Strike +12/+7/+2 (1d3+12/20×2) Claw(s) +12/+7/+2 (1d4+12/20×2) Bite +12/+7/+2 (1d6+12/20×2) Longsword +12/+7/+2 (1d8+12/19-20×2) Composite Short bow +11/+6/+1 (1d6+6/20×3) 70ft. Breath Weapon: A 40ft Line of Magnetic Energy, 6d8, anyone within range of her breath weapon are bull rushed and permanently blinded. (DC:38)

Skills: Appraise:+7, Balance:+7, Bluff:+7, Climb:+8, Craft(Trap making):+7, Craft(Alchemy):+7, Craft(Weapons):+7, Concentration:+8, Diplomacy:+7, Escape Artist:+7, Gather Information:+6, Handle Animal:+6, Heal:+4, Hide:+12, Intimidate:+7, Jump:+8, Knowledge(Arcana):+11, Knowledge(Architecture/Engineering):+7, Knowledge(Dungeoneering):+7, Knowledge(Geography):+7, Knowledge(History):+7, Knowledge(Local):+7, Knowledge(Nature):+10, Knowledge(Nobility/Royalty):+7, Knowledge(religion):+10, Knowledge(the Planes):+10, Listen:+8, Move Silently:+7, Open Lock:+4, Perform:+3, Profession(Teacher):+6, Profession(Apothecary):+6, Ride:+7, Search:+9, Sense Motive:+7, Slight of Hand:+7, Speak Language:+5*, Spellcraft:+13 (+15 deciphering scrolls), Spot:+8, Survival:+6 (+8 above ground and other planes), Swim:+8, Tumble:+7, Use Magical Device:+9 (+11 scrolls), Use Rope:+4

Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency(Longsword), Martial Weapon Proficiency(Raper), Martial Weapon Proficiency(Longbow and Composite Longbow), Martial Weapon Proficiency(Short bow and Composite Short bow), Draconic Heritage, Multi Attack, Point Plank Shot, Draconic Knowledge, Dragoncrafter, Draconic Vigor, Draconic Power, Draconic Skin (x1),

Racial Abilities: Immune to sleep spells and effects, electricity; +2 racial saves vs. enchantment spells and effects; low-light vision; entitled to a search for concealed or secret door check within 5 feet of one; darkvision 60 feet; +4 racial saves vs. against sleep and paralysis; breath weapon: 40 foot line of magnetic energy, 6d8 damage, anyone within range of the breath weapon are bull rushed and permanently blinded, DC:38; +5 racial bonus on Hide checks; +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks. Class Abilities: Creature Researcher: Core Research (Dragons), 1st Favored Subject (Gem Dragons), Native Tongue (Common Gem Dragon), Sorcerer Feat Access, Lore+14; Druid: Animal Companion, Nature Scene, Wild Empathy, Trackless Step, Woodland Stride; Druid Spells: 4/2; 0 Level: Read Magic, Cure Minor Wounds, Create Water, Mending 1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Plants, Speak With Animals

Creature Researcher Spells: 6/4 0 Level: Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Know Direction, Inflict Minor Wounds, Ray of Frost 1st Level: Magic Missile, Inflict Light Wounds, Endure Elements, Burning Hands

Items: Backpack, Bedroll, Water Skin, Tinder Box, Lantern, 3 Pints of Oil, Tent, Wet Stone, 3 Torches, Sack, 7 Days of Iron Rations, Longsword, Composite Short bow, 20 Arrows in a Quiver, Researchers Journal



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